MOVE CLUB is for ​all bodies, at all ​levels.

Over 400 classes from 10-50 minutes ​at your fingertips. From pilates to ​strength training & yoga flows to ​HIIT classes, discover the power of ​movement from the comfort of your ​own home.



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Full body beat-based workout ​ranging from 30-50 minutes. ​Includes light cardio, sculpting, and ​strength training. Think: pilates + ​yoga + cardio + barre.

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Full body beat-based workout with ​an emphasis on stretching, toning, ​and lengthening and no cardio or ​jumping.

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Using heavier weights, these classes ​are time-based and focus on full-​range, non-repetitive muscle ​building movements.

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Full body interval-training workout, ​ranging from 20-45 minutes. ​Includes cardio intervals with ​minimal rest to burn out your major ​muscle groups and elevate your ​heart rate.

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Full body, beat-based workout that ​draws from traditional kickboxing ​movements like kung fu, karate and ​martial arts.

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Full body follow-along dance cardio ​classes that move to the beat of a ​song​.

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Yoga-inspired full body classes that ​focus on leading with your breath ​and centering your mind & body.

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Shorter classes that focus on ​working abs, arms or lower body.

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Take classes on the go or wherever your are from the Move ​Club app. Featuring a calendar to track your progress, lists ​to view your favorited and completed classes, and more the ​Move Club app is the only fitness app you need.

PROGRAMS that work

Stay committed to movement with challenges & programs


Commit to 5 days of movement ​with our 5-day challenges. From ​the Strong Core program to the ​Strength Challenge we’ve got it ​all.


Our beloved 10-Day Reset ​Program is the perfect way to ​get back into movement.


Level up your progress by ​committing to 2 weeks of ​movement.


Jess is an NASM Certified Personal Trainer and group fitness ​instructor. She loves meeting you where you're at, finding ​what movements and methods work for you, understanding ​your goals and helping you push past them. She's obsessed ​with movement that prevents injury and challenges both body ​and mind.

Success Stories

"Jess is the best! She has great ​intuition on how to motivate you ​to keep going. Her classes are fun ​and always well thought out. ​Can't recommend her classes ​enough!" - Sydney B.

"I've logged in every day this ​month! Love Jess' workouts. I ​have seen a huge difference in my ​strength!" - Megan V.

"I really love that Jess slows ​everything down but the burn and ​intensity is still high. Love the ​emphasis on form and connection ​to your body. Jess' classes truly ​help me start my day off right.. ​and just feel connected to myself. ​Thank you!" - Abigail R.

"Jess' workouts are my absolute ​favorite to do at home.They're ​challenging yet approachable and ​I really look forward to her weekly ​schedule and new workouts each ​week!"- Chloe F.


Jess sits down with entrepreneurs, wellness experts, and ​health gurus to talk about all the things that make us human.

New episodes every Friday.


How do i access the virtual studio?

You can easily login online or login through the app to start taking classes with your membership. Check out our App Guide for help navigating the Move Club app.

what equipment do i need?

You can find suggested equipment for Move Club classes here. We also offer many no equipment classes.

how do i play music with move club classes?

Some classes have embedded music & others have Spotify playlists. Read more about how to play music with Move Club classes here.

how often are new classes added?

New classes are added each week. Make sure you are a member of the Move Club group chat & are subscribed to receive emails to find out what new classes are ​dropping each week.

I’m a member and want to schedule a 1:1 session. How do I do that?

All members receive one complimentary session a month with Jess. You can sign up here.

what types of programs are on move club?

We have 5, 10 and 14 day programs available, from our Strong Core program to the 10-Day Reset, there’s something for everyone. You can purchase programs as a ​non-member here.

are move club workouts safe for pregnancy & post-partum?

We recommend consulting with your doctor or physician if you have questions or concerns regarding exercise. All Move Club classes offer safe & effective ​modifications, and our Form Breakdown videos showcase what movements are safe for pregnancy and what movements should be avoided.

how do i become a move instructor?

We always welcome instructor inquiries. Please fill out our Move Instructor application here.

Do you offer a student discount?

Yes we do. Please apply for the student program here.


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